Introduction is a user-friendly and robust scraping API that can be easily use by companies to scrape data at scale. The API uses an up rotating proxy network, real Chrome instances and advanced stealth techniques to bypass anti-scraping measures. The API is built on AWS Lambda, which guarantees stable operation and scalability even under heavy workloads.

As one of the most cost-effective scraping APIs on the market, we are committed to providing excellent services to companies of all sizes.


The following table lists all available parameters for our scraping API. You can easily utilize them in your API calls by incorporating them into either the query string or form data.

Please also note that some parameter values need to be URL encoded to be processed correctly.

access_key defaults to None A valid access key allowing you to make API calls. Access keys can be managed from your dashboard.
url defaults to None The complete URL of the website for which you want to capture a screenshot. It should be URL encoded and must include the protocol (http:// or https://) to be processed correctly.
block_ads defaults to False Prevent ads from being displayed. Block requests from popular ad-networks and hide common ad spaces.
block_resources defaults to True This parameter blocks all images and CSS on the scraped webpage to speed up the scraping process. However, if you want to scrape images and CSS, you can set the parameter to false.
browser_rendering defaults to True This parameter enables browser rendering. If you want to scrape the page as a browser would, you can set the parameter to true.
viewport_width defaults to 1920 The width, in pixels, of the viewport to use.
viewport_height defaults to 1080 The height, in pixels, of the viewport to use. This is ignored if full_page is true.
wait defaults to 0 The delay, in seconds, to wait after the page is loaded (load event fired and no more network connections for at least 500ms) before capturing the screenshot. From 0 seconds to a maximum of 10 seconds.
wait_for defaults to None Wait until the provided CSS selector matches an element present in the page before capturing a screenshot. If no item matches after waiting 15 seconds, screenshot capture is aborted with an error.
wait_until defaults to domcontentloaded Wait until the given criterion is satisfied to consider that the page has finished loading. The possible criteria are:
  • dom_loaded to wait until the initial HTML document has been completely loaded, without waiting for stylesheets and images to finish loading.
  • page_loaded to wait until the whole page has loaded, including all dependent resources such as stylesheets and images.
  • network_idle to wait until the whole page has loaded and the network is idle (no more active network connection).